Like most things, a lot of my 2020 projects have been postponed,

but here's the new plan looking ahead for (hopefully).

A Christmas Exorcism

We've written a script for a new horror-comedy musical, and are now writing the songs. This should be ready to go by 2021.


Mickey's Jazz Club

Mickey's Jazz Club is my Disney jazz band, and in 2021, the plan is to record and release a live album​. Stay tooned.

Three in the Bed

We're looking at bringing Three in the Bed to Melbourne, and a Spanish version in Argentina in 2021.


As my life as a cruise ship musician comes to a definitive end, my gig schedule as opened up. If you're looking for a pianist, or even a party band, check out these links:

Future Musicals
People often ask me what kind of musicals I'd like to write in the future. Once 'A Christmas Exorcism' is on its feet, I'd like to work on a Disney-esque style show (the dream is to work on an actual Disney animation of course, but that's pie-in-the-sky). I'd also like to adapt the movies 'Psycho' and 'The Ref'; and the play 'Barefoot in the Park'.